Cornerstone Home Lending Debuts New Mortgage Loan Servicing Operations

Cornerstone Home Lending Debuts New Mortgage Loan Servicing Operations

Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. has launched its full service, in-house mortgage loan servicing operation for new loan originations, combining its 34-year tradition of superior customer care with industry-leading loan servicing technologies.

Cornerstone has made significant investments to build an elite team of servicing professionals led by Toby Wells, Cornerstone’s Managing Director of Loan Servicing, elevating every aspect of the loan servicing process to raise the bar for customer satisfaction.

The selection of Black Knight’s cutting-edge servicing technology platform, together with caring and highly trained Cornerstone team members, creates a top-of-class loan servicing experience for Cornerstone customers for the life of their loan.

“Providing a remarkable customer experience remains one of Cornerstone’s key Core Convictions since our founding 34 years ago, and we are excited to offer our mortgage loan servicing customers the same standard of excellence that has long defined Cornerstone’s loan origination operations,” said Adam Laird, President of Cornerstone.

“Our caring hearts, service-driven culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and passionate commitment to excellence set Cornerstone apart, with innovative technologies working in tandem with our team members to maximize customer satisfaction. Fulfilling our corporate responsibility to provide a remarkable customer experience in the mortgage servicing function requires Cornerstone to take full ownership and daily control of the entire servicing process. Cornerstone customers will remain in the superior care of Cornerstone team members during the loan origination and closing process, and now through the entire life of their loan.”

Customers are offered a suite of online tools to easily access and manage their mortgage account anytime, anywhere. Cornerstone’s user-friendly loan servicing website and mobile app provide timely information, such as billing statements, escrow activity, and a variety of payment options and payoff calculators.

Self-service capabilities enable Cornerstone customers to quickly enroll for services such as autopay, biweekly payments, and paperless statements. Customers can also message with Cornerstone team members and access helpful educational resources, disaster information, and more.

Cornerstone will also transition its existing mortgage loan servicing portfolio to the company’s in-house system in the coming months. “Cornerstone’s robust servicing platform supports and streamlines all facets of Cornerstone’s loan servicing operations from loan boarding to payoff, enabling our team members to focus on what matters most: a remarkable customer experience. Cornerstone’s dedicated loan servicing team will continuously elevate every aspect of the loan servicing process to raise the bar for customer satisfaction,” said Wells.

Additionally, Cornerstone’s servicing platform optimizes complex internal processes, such as oversight and monitoring of escrow and tax activity, to enable proactive management of customers’ escrow accounts. Extensive cross-platform analytics provide actionable insight to help streamline processes, manage and reduce risk, and refine the customer experience. Cornerstone will continue to roll out new loan servicing features and options for customers as it expands its in-house servicing operations.

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